I have always been fascinated by sailboats. I used to live by a lake when I was a child. And I would sit and watch them all afternoon.

My first sailboat was a small log. I know it sounds silly now, but when I was a child, my imagination transformed it in the biggest, most luxurious, well equipped sailboat in the world. I would play with it for hours and not tire. I guess adults must have thought that I was crazy, but I did not care back then.

When my mother found out how passionate I was about sailboats and my log-sailboat, she decided to give me one for Christmas. I was very pleased with it. However, in my imagination, it was my second sailboat. I therefore continued to play with my two sailboats, the log one, and the toy one.

I eventually outgrew the log one, and enjoyed the toy one better. It was a simple one, without a motor. I used to tape a small plastic soldier to it, which in my ever working imagination, was me.

With time, I made friend with the kids that went to the lake as well. They showed me their sailboats, which were bigger than mine. Moreover, they were remote controlled, so they could send them farther than mine. I was a good swimmer, but I did not want to get wet every time my sailboat went farther than I could reach it, specially because my mom would scold me when I got back home. I finally found a simple solution: I would tie my sailboat with a cord. This was met with laughter from the kids who owned real sailboats.

I eventually asked my mother to get me a radio controlled sailboat. They were expensive back then, so she made me promise several things before she bought me one. I had to get straight As in all my subjects, and help her with any house chore she would ask for 3 months.

I guess she thought I would not make it, or maybe she was buying some time. In any case, I managed to comply with all her conditions, so after the 3 months were up, she took me to a hobby store where they sold radio controlled sailboats. I was already old enough to know that the one I really wanted was ridiculously expensive, so I took a look as some sailboats that were cheaper.

It has been many years since that. I now own my own sailboat (a real one), which I got from a place where they sell used sailboats. I guess the sea is just an important part of my life.

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