Sunfish Sailboat

The Sunfish sailboat is one of the most popular sailboats there are. It has many advantages to it that make it one of the preferred choices for sailors in the United States of America, both as a day sailer, or as a boat used for races. In fact, there are some races in the United States that specify that participants can only use a Sunfish sailboat or one that closely resembles its specifications.

One of the advantages of the Sunfish sailboat is how easy it is to carry it around. First of all, it weights only around 130 pounds. That is the equivalent of 60 kilograms in the metric system. With such a light weight, almost any person can lift it without difficulty. And if you are into sailing, then you probably are strong enough to lift such a weight without any problem at all. In addition, the Sunfish sailboat only measures 13 feet and 9 inches, which is the equivalent of 4 meters in the metric system. This means that it can be easily fastened to a luggage rack on top of a car or a small van or trailer.

Another reason of the Sunfish popularity is its low cost, specially compared with other sailboats which are slightly bigger. A brand new Sunfish sailboat will const from $3,000 dollars to $4,000 dollars, depending on where you buy it and under what conditions. Sometimes the price includes insurance and sometimes it does not so you should ask about that. You should also make sure that you get all proper papers when you but it, and ask what additional requirements you would need, for example, registering your boat with the local authorities. Sometimes the agency delivers the Sunfish sailboat to your house, but even if it does not, it is pretty easy to transport it yourself, as indicated above.

On the other hand, if you can settle for a used Sunfish sailboat, you can find very cheap options on Internet or local sailing clubs. A used Sunfish sailboat in working conditions can be as low as 400 or 600 dollars. If you want one that looks as if it were new, you can get it for around 1,000 dollars, which is still a very good reduction from the brand new price.

Just remember, if you do get a used one, take some basic precautions. The most important one being never accept a Sunfish sailboat without papers, no matter how cheap it seems to be. It is probably stolen or has some hidden defect that the owner does not want to let you know about, and wants to get rid of it.

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