Certain Teed Shingles

Certain Teed shingles are some of the most sought after shingles there are. Certain Teed has a long history in producing building materials, and an experience of more than 100 years. This, along with the companys strict standards and guarantee programs, has made Certain Teed shingles one of the most preferred brands used in the construction of American houses.

In addition, Certain Teed shingles come in a great range of variety and prices. This is very important, because once you roof your house, you would not be able to change it neither easily nor inexpensively. That is why when selecting singles from a Certain Teen shingle category, is important to consider the look you want to give your house, the weather conditions of the location of your house, the look of the houses nearby, and, of course, your budget for buying Certain Teed shingles.

One thing that it is important to consider, is that the color reflected on the catalogs, both printed or online, might differ from the actual color of the Certain Teed shingles. Even Certain Teed catalogs and webpage warns about this fact. While the catalogs and the website are very good to give you an idea of what you want, as well as for getting technical information on how to install your Certain Teed shingles, it is imperative that you get a look at an actual shingle from a Certain Teed dealer. They will be glad to show you all their types of shingles available in your area. It is very advisable that you do this before you invest your hard earned money in your purchase of Certain Teed shingles, as you will avoid surprises. Moreover, since Certain Teed itself warns of a possible difference in color between the shingles in its catalog and the actual shingles, it can not be held responsible in case of a customer mistake. However, to Certain Teeds credit, they do make changes if they are reasonable.

Another advantage of Certain Teed singles is that they have very good guarantee programs, which cover a minimum of 10 years, but in some cases they can be extended to a limitless guarantee, depending on the product. Not only that, but the guarantee is transferable. So if you buy a house that is been roofed with Certain Teed shingles, you also get the reminder of the guarantee that has not expired.

Finally, Certain Teed shingles packages come with an instruction booklet that will teach you how to install them. However, if the installation is beyond your abilities, you can also use their website to find a professional that is close to your area that can do the work for you. This will increase your expenses, of course, but it will be faster, safer, more practical, and you will know that the job will be done by someone who does that for a living and is backed by the Certain Teed name.