Elk Shingles

Elk shingles have always been known as one of the best shingles when it comes to design and quality. In fact, Builder magazine chose Elk shingles are the best quality shingles for eight years in a row. And it was not the editors or the writers of the Builder magazine who chose Elk shingles the best. It was the readers who did it, which speaks volumes of the image and quality of Elk shingles in the customers and contractors minds. However, one really understands the reasons for this preference when one gets to know the history of Elk and how it was the first to try new methods and technology to produce Elk shingles that can apply to very different and specific types of houses, roofs, and customers tastes.

In 2007, Elk increased in size and variety when it decided to merge with GAF, the giant of construction, building and roofing materials. With the size and distribution channel and Elks processes, knowledge and innovation, the merge of the companies created the biggest producer and distributor in the United States, called GAF-Elk. The result for customers and contractors was a perfect mix of both worlds, with products that are great looking, varied and always produced with the latest technology, as well as practical distribution channels, reasonable prices, and guarantee programs that last decades and which can be transferred to future owners when a house with a roof made out of Elk shingles is sold.

Another benefit of the merge for customers is that they have access to a network of contractors that are approved by GAF-Elk, and who have been working for ages in the installation of both GAF and Elk shingles. There is no reason to go with an amateur that might not be familiar with the products or the installation process when you can hire one that knows what he is doing. In addition, hiring a contractor backed by GAF-Elk will give you more advantages when it comes to your guarantee, extending either the coverage or the time that the guarantee is valid.

In addition, Elk shingles are designed and built with new materials, such as fiberglass that will still give you that classic look of American traditional houses, like wood or title shingles used to do, but with the advantages of resistance to impact, weather, and most importantly, fire. Elk shingles comply with all fire departments requirements about safety, which will keep your house safe from accidental fire.

In conclusion, if you want a great look, high quality, and resistance at an affordable price, then you will be hard pressed to find a better option than Elk shingles.