Iko Shingles

Iko shingles are one of the most known brands of shingles in the world. Unlike other companies, who are focused only in the American market, Iko has an international presence in Canada, Europe, and of course, the United States of America.

Iko owes its success to four pillars: the experience and talent of its people, the quality of its products, continuous innovation, and its manufacturing facilities which are equipped with the latest technology.

In addition, Iko has developed a marketing strategy that made their products known in several countries. Its distribution network also allows it to efficiently distribute its products in two continents. Because they have very exact, standardized processes, the quality of Iko products and services are the same in Bruges or in Connecticut.

Although Iko produces several products, its star continues to be the Iko shingles, which are known for their resistance to all kinds of weather, as well as for their superior design. Because the company originated in Alberta, Iko shingles are especially resistant to extreme cold weather, including snow storms. Because of the quality processes Iko shingles go through, they can be guaranteed for a lifetime (literally).

In addition, Iko shingles have a great range of variety and designs. Iko employs not only engineers, but graphical designers to give their products and aesthetic touch that is hard to match in the industry. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you will surely find something that matches the ideal house that you have in your mind. Being a company based in new technologies and products, it does not produce shingles in classic materials, like wood, which were fine in their age, but now represent fire hazards. It does produce imitations of every classic material, like wood and tile, but with the resistance to fire, impact and weather that asbestos and fiberglass have. The difference is indistinguishable to the eye, yet the quality is evident (Iko shingles comply with the strictest fire regulations in Canada, Europe and the United States).

In addition, Iko singles come with a guarantee that covers any defect for a minimum of 30 years. Also, if you get your Iko shingles installed with a contractor that is backed by Iko, you will get even more benefits in coverage. Iko can afford to give such a deal in guarantee because it only backs contractors that have been working with Iko for years, so you would not find any amateur work here.

In conclusion, if you need roofing materials, try Iko singles. You would not be disappointed.