Solar Roof Shingles

As of late, we have realized the flaw of relying on non renewable resources for our energy needs. Scientists and engineers of all the world are dedicating themselves to the development of alternative energy source, with a special emphasis on renewable sources. Once the way to convert solar energy into electricity was found, it was only a matter of time until solar roof shingles were developed. In retrospective, it seems obvious to use a surface what is always exposed to the sun to collect sun rays, and has little use. While at first solar panels were installed on roofs, someone came up with the idea of integrating the technology into the shingles themselves, and thus solar roof shingles were born.

Despite their practical use and the energy saving they provide, some people claim that solar roof shingles are not aesthetically appealing. While it is true that they do not have the classic look of, let us say, cedar wooden shingles, that does not mean they are ugly. There are colors and styles that go well with them. And if you want a modern look, there is nothing that can beat solar roof shingles.

On the other hand, some companies have developed solar roof shingles in other colors. Probably the most sought one is brown, since it goes much better with classical styles than the regular blue one. These brown solar roof shingles are sometimes accepted even in houses that have to follow a type of architecture by law, for example, if they are on a protection list or they belong to a historical quarter.

Of course, the main reason why solar roof shingles are installed is to take advantage of sun energy in order to produce electricity. They are definitely a much better option than solar panels, because they do not occupy any space that is used for something else. In addition, you do not have to take out the roof shingles you have, as most regular roof shingles can be upgraded to solar roof shingles.

Solar energy collected by solar roof shingles can be used to power all or part of your house or appliances, reducing your electricity bill greatly. The real savings however, come from the long term reduced electricity expenses. In addition, you can also store the energy in back up batteries, so that you can still power your whole house and appliances even if they are a power failure in the area.

Solar roof shingles are improving more and more each day, and with time, the technology will be cheap enough to be affordable by most. Not only this will give us cheaper and renewable energy, but it will also help us have a cleaner planet.