Tamko Shingles

Tamko shingles decorate today most of American roofs all over the country. Tamko became the leader of independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products in the United States of America thanks to a clever combination of tradition, style and hard work, as well as high quality standards and procedures, including total quality management and Six Sigma.

It is also one of the few companies that has transformed from a small family business to a national corporation under the guidance of women. The company was founded in 1944, by E. L. Craig, in a streetcar barn in Jolpin, Missouri. It was his wife, Mary Ethel Craig, who came up with the name Tamko, which at the time stood for the five states that they though would become their market: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Due to health problems, E. L. Craig left the management of the company to his wife, which in turn left it to her daughter, Ethelmae, who made the company the powerhouse that it is today, with her husband in charge of production and quality implementations.

While Tamko offers several products, the star of the company is and has always been Tamko shingles. As you would expect, there are several types of Tamko shingles, with different looks, resistance, finishing, colors, and prices. Such great variety of Tamko shingles means that there is always something for everyone at an affordable price. The main types of Tamko shingles are Lamarite, Heritage, and Metalworks. All these three Tamko shingles are trademarks.

Lamarite are a type of Tamko shingles that resemble the natural beauty of slate or shake, but in reality they are made of synthetic materials that are resistant to air, cold, and in case of emergency, fire. They are also resistant to impacts. If all these were not enough, they come with a guarantee of 50 years.

Metalworks is the second type of Tamko shingles. These Tamko shingles can be made to resemble wood, slate, or tile. However, under that classy look lies sturdy, resistant metal. They are also built with a four way locking system that allows them to resist the worst of weathers.

The last type of Tamko shingles is Heritage. These Tamko shingles are made of laminated asphalt. However, they have the most varied of looks of all Tamko shingles, which will make your visitors think you have a wooden or tile roof.

So, if you want a name that stands by its products for over half a century, then you can not go wrong with Tamko.