Timberline Shingles

Timberline shingles are known all over the nation because of their high quality, resistance, look, and of course, price. Timberline shingles are produced by GAF Materials Corporation, a company based in Wayne, New Jersey, which dedicates itself mainly to the production of building materials. It also has other lines of products, such as film (it used t be Disneys official film for some years). The initials GAF stand for General, Aniline, and Film.

GAF is one of the oldest names in the market, being founded in 1886. It acquired roof materials manufacturer Elk Corporation in 2007, becoming the biggest manufacturer of roofing materials in the United States. The combination of size, quality, experience and methods of GAF makes its products the preferred roofing materials for most Americans today.

The main products of GAF are its Timberline shingles. These shingles are just some of the shingles they produce, but they are specially popular because they provide an excellent mix of quality and price. There are other singles in the GAF catalog that have a better designer look, although they are more expensive than Timberline shingles, and they are aimed for really luxurious houses where money is not an issue. That is not to say that Timberline shingles are bad looking. There are several types of Timberline shingles that resemble other classical materials, such as wood or tile, yet with the resistance that new synthetic materials provide. In addition, each model comes in several colors, so you will always find something that fits your house style and combines with your walls. If you add the fact that you are getting a high quality product that would not need replacement in 30 or 40 years, then you can understand why Timberline shingles are the preferred brand by Americans from all over the country who are building their first house for the first time.

In addition, GAF provides a list of certified contractors with which they have worked for several years. If you are new to building or you do not have the skills to install your Timberline shingles yourself, it is a good idea to invest in a contractor that knows what he is doing. Of course, you can find a contractor yourself, which might give you a cheaper price. However, that will void your Timberline shingles guarantee in some cases. In addition, GAF would not be able to assist you if you have any problem later with your installation.

So, if you need roofing materials, consider Timberline shingles. You can always get information about them by calling a representative or visiting their webpage.