Wedding Invitations

Addressing Wedding Invitations

Getting married is wonderful. It was a marvelous experience that I will never forget. It was all that I dreamt it would be and more. I really felt like the center of the universe and the prettiest woman on earth.

On the other hand, preparing the wedding took me completely by surprise. I found myself overwhelmed by all the details that it entailed. I had to make plans, schedules, budgets, checklists, appointments.

I am a writer for a magazine and I work from home. My only deadline is handing in my articles before the end of the month. I am not involved in any part of the process. So as you can imagine, I was not prepared at all to deal with all the processes that organizing a wedding entails.

Nevertheless, there were some parts of the process which were much more fun than others. One of my favorites was addressing wedding invitations.

When I was a child and I role played my wedding with my friends, we would sit down and write a guest list. In those times, our guest list included such celebrities as Mr. Bunny and Anne the doll. The funniest part is that we would cut out cards from cardboard for the invitations. I remember addressing wedding invitations to all my stuffed animals and to every person who happened to be at the house at the time. Even guests who came for dinner received an invitation if they happened to stay long enough for me to make one for them.

When the time for addressing wedding invitations to real people came, it made me sight. I remembered addressing wedding invitations with my friends, so many years ago. It also reminded me that I had grown into a full woman. I wished I had my childhood friends with me. I must confess that I cried a bit while I was addressing wedding invitations, specially when I did the ones for the people I really cared in my life.

Here is a secret: when I was addressing wedding invitations, I addressed one for Mr. Bunny and one for Anne the doll. I had more wedding invitations printed than what I needed, in case I ruined some (I did), so I could spare a few.

Of course, neither Mr. Bunny nor Anne the doll came to the wedding, not in person (or is it stuffed animal?) anyway. It is ok, I am a woman now.

Later, some of my friends came to me for advice about their own weddings. I told them that I was the least prepared person to tell them what to do. However, I always volunteer for addressing wedding invitations for them. It is sort of a small pleasure for me.