Electric Wheelchair

A wheelchair is a wheeled device which is designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments. It is pushed forward either manually by turning the wheels by hand or through numerous automated systems. It is used by people who cannot walk or who can walk for only a small distance. Manual wheelchairs require human power to move whereas electric wheelchairs can move in all directions or even turn around on a spot, being operating with the help of a simple joystick.

In recent times, the latest high-priced electric wheelchairs have become stronger and more resistant, capable of enduring hardship and wear, while still being very reliable. They have frames which are designed to handle more weight. Some of the new models even have spring suspensions that allow for a smoother ride over uneven territory. Each model has its own particular handling characteristics. They are specifically designed for indoor use, outdoor use or both.

The disabled person controls the speed and the direction of the electric wheelchair by operating a joystick on a controller, which is the most delicate and the most costly part of the chair. An electric wheelchair can offer many powered functions like tilting, reclining, leg and seat elevation and other features that are necessary for the persons health and comfort.

They also use electric motors to control and move the wheels. There are many other possible modifications and functions such as a standing wheelchair, a pediatric wheelchair, a mobility scooter, a sports wheelchairs, etc.

Currently, these chairs normally cost between $1600 and $7500 online. There are normally three general styles of electric wheelchairs: rear wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, and front wheel drive.

Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs are the most conventional and most fashionable in style. They are usually faster than the others.

Front-wheel drive wheelchairs are very common as they provide more turning functions.

Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs have the tightest turning of all the chairs but they do tend to be unsteady when you try to stop and re-start. They have caster wheels in the back and a extra set of anti-tip wheels in the front.

Electric wheelchairs use electric motors to move the wheels. They usually use dry or wet rechargeable batteries. Dry ones are more popular and they are used more often than before. Because of these electric wheelchairs, traveling of handicapped people is on the rise and the people using them have a much easier access to places. Whether traveling on a vacation or for education, electric wheelchairs have become crucial for disabled people.