Aermotor Windmill

The wind is free and it will never end. These qualities make it a very desirable resource for producing energy. The energy that an Aermotor windmill generates makes water pump up from the ground in other to be used for animals or for agriculture.

The only windmill producer in the USA is the Aermotor Windmill Company. Its history starts in 1888 when their first windmill appeared. Its debut was not very appreciated by other windmill producers, who saw their dominance over the American marked threatened. After only 4 years, in 1892 the Aermotor windmill become an indispensable need.

In the following years, Aermotor Windmills developed accessories for windmills, like pumps, tanks, feed cutters and many others that lifted the company above foreign windmill manufacturers.

Nowadays, Aermotor windmills have the largest warranty and the most value added services for maintaining their products. The reason for this is because they have a great network of independent dealers and they provide every single piece for their windmills. This is great, because they do not forget about their product once is bought, but they also care about its maintenance.

The Aermotor windmills work by pumping water from the ground. This thing is possible due to the energy that is provided. The blowing wind spins the windmills blades and its power is converted into energy. This energy makes a rod go up and down which extracts water from the ground. The way the windmill reaches the water is by using a driller to get to the underground well.

There are many farmers who have crops fields and animas in their ranches that constantly need large quantities of water. We can not wait and pray for the rain to come to water the crops or the animals. It is not necessary and practical at all. Specially in this time of global warming where changes to the weather occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Regions that used to have a constant raining season for centuries suddenly find themselves without any rain at all.

The most practical solution is to install an Aermotor windmill. Why should not every farmer in the United States take advantage of the fact that the wind is free? And above all, the water in the ground is standing there waiting for us to use it. Why waste it when we can make our lives easier and our planet healthier?

We know that we must do our best to keep our planet unpolluted and we must not waste electricity or gas in order for us and our children to survive. Aermotor windmills are protecting the environment and use the alternative energy of the wind, which is eternal.