Chainsaw Wood Carving

A wood carving can be created by nearly any means so long as some kind of blade plays a part. There are wood carvings that are created with small knives using whittling techniques that take months. There are also more advanced wood carvings such as those created with the use of routers or lathes. Chainsaw wood carvings are another example of the fact that, no matter which kind of blade you use, you can create art out of wood.

A chainsaw wood carving at first may sound like something that was created on Friday the 13th. While it is true that a chainsaw evokes images of destruction, chainsaw wood carvings can in fact become works of extreme beauty. Timothy Robins is a good example of an artist who has created not only a living but also a widespread fan base because of his chainsaw wood carvings. He somehow manages to use a chainsaw with such finesse that it looks like Michaelangelo was reincarnated into a guy who thinks stone sculptures are a bygone relic.

Wood carvings have played a part in the art of nearly all cultures throughout time. Perhaps this is why you can't spell sculpture without "culture". At any rate, there is much to be learned about an indigenous group of people from analyzing their wood art. The Oaxaca tribe of Mexico is a great example. Here is a group of people that lived on their own and were largely undisturbed by outside influences. That being the case, the Oaxacan wood art is like nothing ever seen anywhere else. The colorful and sometimes bizarre creations evoke a world that no other group of people had previously imagined. To this day, remnants of the Oaxacan art are being recreated by direct descendants of the tribe.

No matter where you look, wood carving is prevalent in society. If you find yourself interested in the part that wood carving has played in the development of nearly every culture in civilization, you may wish to consider researching the matter further by visiting your local library. Perhaps the interest sparked within from looking at the works of beauty created from people all around the world may encourage you to try a bit of wood carving on your own. You wouldn't be alone. Most people who have an appreciation for beauty have delved into wood carving and have yet to come back out. Proceed with both an open mind and caution. This is a world that will captivate your imagination and never let go.

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