Chainsaw Wood Carvings

Chainsaw wood carvings are just another example of just how varied and deep the world of wood carving can be. One one hand, there are the millions of wood carvings that are made with the lightest touch, using precise instruments and mathematical formulas in order to create a wood carving of the most delicate constitution. Then, on the other hand, there are chainsaw wood carvings. This isn't to say that chainsaw wood carvings are no less artistic than any other kind of wood carving. In fact, many people consider chainsaw wood carvings to not only be works of absolute beauty but also an indication of the kind of wood art that the western world will be remembered for when all is said and done.

Chainsaw wood carving is not as easy as some might assume it to be. Most people think that wood carvings made with chainsaws are unable to show depth and emotion. This couldn't be further from the truth, however. While a person can't be blamed for questioning the artistic validility of a piece of art being created with a gas-powered saw, one must keep in mind the fact that a work of art created with such a tool can in fact inspire MORE awe than a piece of art made with chisels and routers.

Chainsaw wood art fools people into thinking that it is somehow barbaric and not deep in any ways. This, too, is a fallacy. Consider the creations of Timothy Robins. This artist uses the chainsaw as his premier carving tool and nobody could ever call his creations anything besides art. Robins is able to use a chainsaw to create wildlife scenes, animals, ocean life, and much more. Robins is only one example of many in the field of chainsaw art. John Roberts, of Oregon, is another example of a genius at the art of chainsaw carvings.

When asked about what exactly constitutes "art", most people don't have an answer. Art is nothing without a person there to deem it as such. A carving is a carving and a painting is simply a painting until an unmarred eye sees it and calls it art. Art is simply a concept and can therefore be anything. Anybody who has seen a beautiful and remarkable sculpture, only to find out that it had been created by a chainsaw, must relent and admit that it is not only art, but art of the highest degree.

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