Hunter Sailboat

There are many competitors in the industry of sailboats. I found out when I decided to get a sailboat of my own. It was a much more difficult decision than what I thought it would be. I would even say that it was tougher than buying a car. And as expensive, if not more.

I compared several models and prices, and I finally decided for a Hunter sailboat. I also decided to get a new one, as opposed to a used Hunter sailboat. For some reason, the used ones seemed to feel too personal, too attached to their previous owners for my taste. Besides, I was able to get a credit that would let me pay for my new Hunter sailboat in installments. In addition, the dealer offered me a package that included the insurance, the freight and even a discount in a sailing school. The insurance was specially nice, as when you invest so much money on something, you do not want to lose sleep over it, thinking that it might be stolen or damaged. I did not really need the classes, as I learned to sail with my father, when I was younger (in fact, he was the one from whom I got my love for the sea). Instead, I was able to transfer the classes to my oldest son, who was not too happy at first. Later on, when I would leave him in charge of my Hunter sailboat, my other son would get jealous, so I had to pay for classes for him as well.

My wife was never too crazy about the Hunter sailboat, but she still enjoyed it nevertheless. She preferred much more when we brought friends or neighbors along, for a couple of drinks and a nice chat in the middle of the lake. She complained that when we brought the kids along, she could not have as much fun as she always worried one of them would fall overboard or an accident would happen. For a time, she made our children wear floating vests, which they hated.

My favorite times were when we were alone. She was even in the mood for sailing a little. A Hunter sailboat is one of the easiest sailboats to use, so even she could do it if I told her how. We would bring a bottle of wine and drink it while we looked at the starts and talked. Because of the children, it was very difficult to get time at night to do this kind of small adventures, so we treasured every chance we had.

Eventually, we moved and I had to sell my Hunter sailboat for less than half what I paid. When we go on vacations to a place, I rent one, but it is never the same feeling. I am glad I had one though. It gave me moments that I will always remember.

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